BUS103: Marketing

Find the best marketing and demographic sources fast!

Start Your Marketing Research Here

Who are your customers? For basic demographics (people, income, ages, home ownership, etc.), start with these:

  • Statista: Search with a topic, or use drop-down menus (Outlooks > Consumer Market Outlooks or Tools > Business Plan Export.)
  • U.S. government websites : search geographically for demographics.

Marketing Plan Worksheet

Use Your Public Library!

The database Reference Solutions (formerly Reference USA) is useful for searching for area businesses by county or zip code, to develop a list of competitors or a mailing list, for instance. It is available through many public libraries, such as those in our Southern Adirondack Library System. Search it online by logging in with your library card number. 

For Company Research

If you're researching a company's organizational strategy and need information about the company, use these research guides: