BUS103: Marketing

Find the best marketing and demographic sources fast!

Business Databases for Industry Trends

  • Start with D&B Hoover's to search by Industry
  • Use the Company search to find a company like the one you're researching.
  • Search Statista by topic, or use drop-down menus:
    • Outlooks > Consumer Market Outlooks, or 
    • Tools > Business Plan Export.

Business Plans Handbook

  • Use the Tools search box to find model business plans, customer profiles, mission statements, competition and more in this online subscription encyclopedia. 
  • Look for the "Market Analysis Summary" section of the business plans, to see details about demographics, etc. 

Small Business Sourcebook

This 2021 online encyclopedia offers information on business start-ups, professional associations (which can offer trends), trade show and conventions, statistics, trade publications, special libraries and research centers, and more. Log in with your college username/password.

The Queensbury campus has an older print copy of this encyclopedia to browse through: 

  • Small Business Sourcebook (6 volumes) REF. HD 2341 .S63 2011