BUS102: Management (and Human Resources)

This guide offers information on business management and leadership, and related topics.

1) Company Research with Business Databases

Start with business databases like Hoover's if you are researching a publicly-held company. The databases below offer publicly-held company overviews and comparison charts

  • Use your computer's Snipping Tool to copy graphics
    • shortcut:  Windows key + Shift + S 
    • On a Mac, try Command-Shift-4

Search for your company > Charts > Comparison to find charts comparing similar companies. Use the Snipping Tool to copy and paste: 

If a company/group has not gotten national media coverage, consider talking to the managers directly. 

For more demographics and consumer trends, try these: 

APA Citations

For help writing citations, use the Online Writing Lab from Purdue University, or the CRW: 

2) Company Research with Article Databases

Search these article databases for more. Use NYS databases for small local companies.

Use ProQuest Central as well as the big search box on the library's home page to look for articles about your company or industry from newspapers and magazines. Truncation (*) finds all word endings.

[Your company or industry name] AND [any one of these terms]

  • strateg* OR plan*
  • ethic*
  • manag*
  • product*
  • innovat*
  • awards OR rankings
  • politic*
  • sustainabl* OR environmental OR green
  • "social responsibility"
  • suppli*  [finds supplies, suppliers, etc.]
  • trend* OR forecast*

​For tutorial videos on how to search databases, see: 

Management Videos

These two video databases might offer documentaries about your company and its leadership. You could embed very short snippets into your presentations. 

"Company Man" Videos

3) Finding Managers

Depending on the size of the business, try these methods:

  • Search the company in Hoovers' Online: "People & Contacts" section
  • Search the article databases for the company name and "organizational structure"
  • Google the company name and "organizational chart"
  • Look at the company's annual report
  • If it's small local business, visit the company or store
  • Email the headquarter's public relations office. 

Choosing Companies and Mutual Funds

These sites offer names of companies to research:

To select mutual funds, try these sites: 

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