BUS103: Marketing

Find the best marketing and demographic sources fast!

Library Search Box

The search box below does a broad but shallow search of about 100 of the library's 120 book, e-book, article and video databases.

  • Search for a subject with the box below, limiting your search to Articles if wanted. 
  • After doing a search, click "Advanced Search" to add more topics with the word AND. 
    • Example: landscaping AND marketing AND "social media"
      • Limit by year, location ("United States"), etc.

   Start Your Research Here: 

Search Article Databases

A) Use the "Start Your Research Here" search box on the library's home page to look for articles. 

  • Search for the company, product or industry: Starbucks, pizza, or food trucks, for example. 
  • Click the Advanced Search mode and add a second subject. Limit by date as needed: 
    • New product development 
    • Strategic planning
    • SWOT
    • trend*
    • forecast*
    • innovations
    • growth
    • competit*
    • "competitive advantage​"
    • prices or pricing
    • cost
    • value
    • stock*
    • price-earnings ratio
    • brand*
    • patent* or trademark*
    • employee*

Business Databases

B) Then, try a deeper search of these individual business databases.

Library Database Search Tips

Business Periodicals

Marketing Journals

The library subscribes to these magazines in print. Below are their websites. The full-text articles of many of these magazines can be accessed through the business databases on this page.
Advertising Age
Albany Business Review 
Consumer Reports
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance