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HRD110: Freshman Seminar: B) Find a Book Chapter

This guide will help you get to know the SUNY Adirondack Library!

Library Search Box

Library databases are sophisticated search engines that lead to expert-written books, articles and documentary videos. They are subscription services, available only to students, staff and faculty. 
The SUNY Adirondack Library offers 200,000+ electronic books as well as 30,000+ print books. Search for a subject with the box below, limiting your search to Ebooks or Print Books. See the Topics Suggestions box below if you need to choose a subject to search for this assignment. Sign in to your account to save search results and request print books. 

   Start Your Research Here: 

Finding Electronic Books for HRD110

Topic Suggestions

  • Sleep
  • “Stress management”
  • “Study skills”
  • “Time management”
  • Yoga
  • Decision making
  • Nutrition
  • “Physical fitness”
  • “Financial aid” 
  • “Learning styles”  or “Cognitive styles”
  • Memory [or try: mnemonic*]
  • “Financial literacy” or "Personal Finance"

Signing into your Account at the SUNY Adirondack Library

Signing into your account allows you to see more full-text results as well as save searches and your results. Use your college username and password to sign in. 

Finding Print Books for HRD110

  • For Fall 2020, you can request to borrow print books from the library's search box page.
    • Sign in to your accounts using your college username password to get full access.
    • Just click the title of a print book and fill in the Request for pickup at Library Circulation Desk
    • The staff will find it on the shelves and check it out to you. 
    • Just stop by the library to pick up the book at the Library Circulation Desk.
  • The tutorial video below shows how.
    • Please note that the borrowing procedure changed a bit for this semester. 

The Library of Congress link shows the code used to shelve the books by subject. 

Need help?

Use the green chat box on this page or contact a librarian though Ask a Librarian!