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HRD110: Freshman Seminar: B) Find a Book Chapter

This guide will help you get to know the SUNY Adirondack Library!

Library Search Box

Library databases are sophisticated search engines that lead to expert-written books, articles and documentary videos. They are subscription services, available only to students, staff and faculty. 
The SUNY Adirondack Library offers 200,000+ electronic books as well as 30,000+ print books. Search for a subject with the box below, limiting your search to Ebooks or Print Books.  
See the Topics Suggestions box below if you need to choose a subject to search for this assignment. 

   Start Your Research Here: 

Finding Electronic Books for HRD110

Finding Print Books for HRD110

  • If the library building is open, you can search for print books to borrow.
  • The tutorial video below shows how.
  • The Library of Congress link shows the code used to shelve the books by subject. 

Need help?

Use the green chat box on this page or contact a librarian though Ask a Librarian! 

Topic Suggestions

  • Sleep
  • “Stress management”
  • “Study skills”
  • “Time management”
  • Yoga
  • Decision making
  • Nutrition
  • “Physical fitness”
  • “Financial aid” 
  • “Learning styles”  or “Cognitive styles”
  • Memory [or try: mnemonic*]
  • “Financial literacy” or "Personal Finance"