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This guide will help you get to know the SUNY Adirondack Library!

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Summary: Boolean Logic, Truncation, Phrase Searching

1) Boolean Logic (Advanced Search)

  • Use these with a database's Advanced Search mode to narrow results quickly.
  • Named after George Boole, an English mathematician. 
  • AND overlaps two or more different terms.
    • OR finds more. Use it to add similar ideas on the same search line: 
      • grades OR learning

Example:  (shows Boolean logic): 

AND learning

2) Truncation:

  • Use the star symbol, or asterisk (*), to find different "wildcard" endings for a word, called truncation. 
    • On a keyboard, use the Shift/8 key.
  • Examples: 
    • sleep* = sleep, sleeps, sleepy, sleeping, etc. 
    • stress* = stress, stresses, stressed, etc.

Example (shows Boolean logic, truncation)

AND stress*


3) Phrase search:

  • To search for two or more words together, put quotation marks around them: "college students"
  • You can also mix and match these techniques - use truncation inside of the quotations: 
    • "mobile devices"
    • "community college*"

Example: (shows Boolean logic, truncation, phrase searching)

AND "mobile devices"

Finding Articles at the SUNY Adirondack Library

This video shows how to search for articles with our search box. The library's databases offer more than 80,000 online magazines, newspapers and scholarly peer-reviewed journals. 

  • Click Advanced Search and use Boolean logic, truncation and phrase searching to limit your search to get better results quickly. 
    • To use Advanced Search on a phone, click the three horizontal dots (...), next to the pushpin icon. 

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Use the green chat box on this page or contact a librarian though Ask a Librarian! 

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