ENG105: Writing in and about the Social Sciences

This page lists specific resources for the ENG105 research assignment.

Starting Your Research with Library Databases

  • Start with the library's main search box to find books, e-books, articles and videos through a broad, shallow search of 100 of our 120 databases.
    • Sign in with your college username/password to save your searches and results.
    • Because COVID-19 is new, articles (not books) will be most useful to you.
      • Books take longer to be created, and may offer historical views of previous pandemics.
      • You may limit articles to peer-reviewed or scholarly.
  • Then, search individual databases more deeply: ProQuest Central and Statista, for instance. 
  • In any database, try an Advanced Search, using truncation (*), Boolean logic (AND, OR) and phrase searching as wanted:

                         "herd immunity"
                AND  coronavirus* OR covid* OR pandemic* OR epidemic*

   Start Your Research Here: 

New to College Research?

  • If you search the library's "Start Your Research Here" box, sign in with your college username/password to get the best results.
  • For specific database tutorials, see the bottom of this column. 

For Quick Background

For quick overviews of your research topic, start with these encyclopedia-like databases.

  • Mouse over for descriptions.
  • Log in with your SUNY Adirondack username/password if prompted. 

For general subjects: 

For specialized subjects: 

Options for Searching the Web

Alternate search engines for searching the free web. 

More Statistics

Scholarly Sources

How do you know a "Scholarly Article" (also referred to as academic articles or peer-reviewed articles) when you come across one?

Articles in different fields may differ slightly (a scholarly article comparing two works of literature will lack data, graphs, and discussions of methodology, while a paper on the study of a new medication SHOULD have all of those things), but ALL scholarly articles will have items 1-5, and 7-8 on this list, as well as a references page (or works cited, or bibliography; the name varies depending on the field)