ENG105: Writing in and about the Social Sciences

This page lists specific resources for the ENG105 research assignment.

What are the 'Social Sciences'?

"An eclectic and sometimes polarizing term, social science is a broad umbrella linking multiple fields, with contention regarding which fields should be included under its purview. Generally accepted as falling under the heading social science are sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology, and economics, although debates still rage within these disciplines as to the degree to which each is a humanity versus a science. Disciplines such as history and linguistics, while still addressing social life, are less often included as social sciences. In general, social science can be regarded as the scientific method’s application to all things social. It should be noted, however, that most social sciences manifest, to a greater or lesser degree, a humanities emphasis as well as a scientific one."


Social Science. (2008). In W. A. Darity, Jr. (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (2nd ed., Vol. 7, pp. 614-618). Detroit, MI: Macmillan Reference USA. Retrieved from http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/CX3045302503/GVRL?u=acc&sid=GVRL&xid=a5aa1702


Review the database search techniques:

Citation in the Social Sciences


A style, such as the APA, MLA, or Turabian, refers to the method of placing information on the page in a scholarly way so that all of the literature in a discipline looks superfically the same.  You will be affected by this syle in your annotated bibliography.  Almost all of the general databases provided by the Library have a citation feature so that you can cut and paste a citation in APA style to your annotated bibliography.  The annotation is not part of the citation function in the databases; you have to create the annotation. 

Style guides for the APA

  • There are quick guides to the APA style, available in the Writing Center and at the Library Reference Desk.  The book that sets forth all of the information about the style is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association - BF76.7.P832010.  The book can be found at the Reference Desk and in the stacks.  

For further resources concerning citation and citation styles, please visit the Plagiarism Guide: 

Writing in the "Real World"!

The English Division at SUNY Adirondack sponsors several programs that bring writers from all genres and forms to campus to share their work with us. These visits are almost always recorded by SUNY Adirondack's IT department, and posted to the SUNY Adirondack Youtube page for you to watch any time! 

What programs will I find on the Youtube page?:

- The Writer's Project : Published writers across every genre come to read selections of their work, talk about their process, and answer audience questions

- 100,000 Poets for Change: Professional and amateur poets gather to share their work and garner hope, courage, community, and support for important causes and challenges in our society, such as the climate crisis.

- The College Lecture Series: Faculty and staff of SUNY Adirondack give 45-60 minute presentations to give the college community updates on their personal research projects.

Search Tips: Subject Headings

Subject Headings are words and phrases assigned to books, articles, and other resources. These terms help organize the information. 

These headings appear as a list of terms and phrases beneath the title info on your search results page:

Results page showing Subject Headings

An efficient way to search for resources is to search for items tagged with specific subject headings.  Navigate to the Advanced Search option (below the search boxes on the results page) and choose Subject Headings from the gray drop-down menu. 

For the social sciences, try searching headings like:

"Social sciences"



or search any one of those terms paired with the name of the particular social science you're interested in

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