ENG105: Writing in and about the Social Sciences

This page lists specific resources for the ENG105 research assignment.


  • Use the "Start Your Research Here" box on the library's home page and limit to Articles.
    • To narrow your search to scholarly articles, click "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" (left column).
  • Search the individual databases below for more newspapers, magazine and scholarly articles. 

More Books

Pseudoscience Resources

Use the search box on the library's home page to search for books, e-books, articles and videos about pseudoscience topics. Here are some Library of Congress subject headings related to this topic:
Belief and doubt
History errors
Errors, Scientific
UFO sightings
Common fallacies
Life origin
Science methodology
Clinical trials and ethic*
Pharmaceutical industry and ethic*

Wikipedia Editing: Visual Version

Tempted to use Wikipedia? This map shows some live edits from people all over the world. 

Books about Bad Science

Want the facts about pseudoscience? See below. (One book is by a British author also writes a column called Bad Science in the Guardian newspaper.)

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