SCI210: Forensic Science

Use this guide to research the ethical issues and science involved in criminal investigations. This guide helps with the annotated bibliography and presentation assignments.

For Background on Your Topic

Search these encyclopedia-like library databases for background on forensic science concepts: ballistics, forensic entomology, DNA evidence, familial DNA, etc.

  • If you find too much, use Advanced Search and add the word forensic
  • Forensic science methods change rapidly, so note the date of the information. You may need to check for more current methods as your research progresses. 

Forensic Library Research

This educational website from Florida International University is helpful for background about forensic science concepts.

To Stay Organized

  • In Gmail, create a Google Drive folder.
    • Upload PDFs of articles or chapters to the folder.
    • Paste APA citations for each source onto a Google Doc.
      • Review the citations with the writing center for accuracy. 
  • You can also email chapters/articles to yourself. 

For Research Topic Ideas

Here some sample topics used by students in the past: 

  • "DNA profiling"
  • "Criminal investigation"
  • "Bloodstain pattern analysis"
  • Wildfires
  •  "Forensic biology"
  • "Body fluid identification"
  • "Forensic genetics"
  • DNA evidence
  • Look through your textbook for ideas, and test out topics in the databases below.
  • Explore the links below.

APA Citations

The databases' APA citations may need some perfecting. The CRW offers APA citation booklets.

New to College Research?

If you're not familiar with library database searching, see these links. 

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