ENG108: Writing In and About Literature (Prof. Hayles)

Use this guide to research literature-based assignments for ENG108 by Prof. Hayles.

1) Use "Start Your Research Here" Box

Begin with the "Start Your Research Here" search box above.

  • It does a broad, shallow search across 100 library databases, searching 30,000 books, 200,000 ebooks, millions of articles and thousands of videos.  See sample search below.
  • Use Advanced Search to overlap these ideas,.
    • Or, type the word AND (in all capital letters) to overlap the two ideas. (If you type the word and as lower case, the database search for information on the word and!)

Research Help

Review these tips so your database searches find good results. Ask a librarian for help at any point!

Reference and Instruction Librarian

2) Use Specific Article Databases

Fill in gaps with these specific article databases. 

1) Gale Literature Resource Center 

  • Filter the results for summaries and criticism about Hamlet. 
    • Adjust the search fields as needed. 
  • Click Peer-Reviewed Journals to limit to scholarly articles.
  • Click Advanced Search to add a second topic,
    • or, type AND (in all capital letters) with a subject. (AND acts as a software command to tell the database to overlap topics.)

2) ProQuest Central Article Database

ProQuest Central offers millions of articles from 2,200 newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals.

  • Limit results to Peer-reviewed or Scholarly Journals. 

Research Instruction: Library Homepage and Eng108

Database search tips: Boolean, Truncation, and Phrase searching

Search Topics

Hamlet AND

  • conflict
  • indecision
  • "fatal flaw"
  • fate OR destiny
  • destiny
  • "tragic hero"
  • cultur*   [use truncation star symbol to search for culture, cultures, cultural, culturally]
  • setting
  • theme* [searches for theme, themes. Or, search with a theme: revenge, women, death, indecision, etc.]
  • Ophelia AND love
  • madness OR insanity OR "mental illness"

For Help with Citations and Writing

Find Ebook Chapters

Use the "Start Your Research Here" box to search for e-books.

  • On the results page, limit results to E-books by using the drop down on the right hand side of the search bar.

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