ENG103: Writing in and about the Sciences

Library databases chosen for your annotated bibliography.

As You Do Your Research Assignments...

SUNY Adirondack librarians are available to help you with your research. You may find these links helpful:

"Start Your Research Here" Search Box

   Start Your Research Here: 

1) Picking Your Research Topic

  • To find books, use a broader search topic: vaccinat*, for instance.
  • To find articles, do a more specific search: vaccinat* and "social media" and "United States" 
  • ​The wildcard or truncation symbol, the asterisk (*), finds all word endings: vaccinations, vaccinate, vaccinating, vaccinated, etc.

2a) Books and Ebooks

  • The "Start Your Research Here" box does a broad, shallow search across 100 of the library's 120 databases.
    • Sign in with your college username/password to save results, searches and request to borrow books.
    • Limit your search to type of material, such as Books or Ebooks.
    • Chapters from ebooks can be downloaded from on or off-campus. 
  • Well-researched, credible books will not yet exist about very new topics (such as COVID).
    • However, you can find books about similar historical events using a broader idea, such as pandemics.

2b) Reference Databases

  • Search for fact-based overviews of your topic.
  • Some of these chapters may be found with the search box above, but searching the databases below directly finds much more.

Scientific Reliability

3) Articles

  1. Use the "Start Your Research Here" box and limit to Articles
  2. To narrow your search to scholarly articles, click "Peer Reviewed Journals" (left column).
  3. Do a more in-depth search of one or two of the article databases below, such as ProQuest Central. 

Options for Searching the Web

Alternate search engines for searching the free web. 

4) Media: Films on Demand, More

Some videos can be found with the search box above, but find more results by searching these documentary video databases directly.  

Podcasts and assorted websites: 

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