ENG101/102: Controversial Issues

New to College Research?

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General Databases

These databases cover a wide range of world events and topics:

ENG101 Research: Database Tutorials

Writing in the "Real World"!

The English Division at SUNY Adirondack sponsors several programs that bring writers from all genres and forms to campus to share their work with us. These visits are almost always recorded by SUNY Adirondack's IT department, and posted to the SUNY Adirondack Youtube page for you to watch any time! 

What programs will I find on the Youtube page?:

- The Writer's Project : Published writers across every genre come to read selections of their work, talk about their process, and answer audience questions

- 100,000 Poets for Change: Professional and amateur poets gather to share their work and garner hope, courage, community, and support for important causes and challenges in our society, such as the climate crisis.

- The College Lecture Series: Faculty and staff of SUNY Adirondack give 45-60 minute presentations to give the college community updates on their personal research projects.

Research Instruction: Library Homepage and Eng101/102

Review database searching techniques:

For Quick Background

Search these reference databases for overviews and summaries of the issues.

ProQuest Central will find many additional articles:

These will find statistics: 

Scholarly Sources

How do you know a "Scholarly Article" (also referred to as academic articles or peer-reviewed articles) when you come across one?

Articles in different fields may differ slightly (a scholarly article comparing two works of literature will lack data, graphs, and discussions of methodology, while a paper on the study of a new medication SHOULD have all of those things), but ALL scholarly articles will have items 1-5, and 7-8 on this list, as well as a references page (or works cited, or bibliography; the name varies depending on the field)


Reference Librarian

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For More Research Ideas

Video Resources

Stuck on finding those last few sources for your paper or project? Consider using  a video resource!

Videos from Films on Demand:

  • Find interviews with authors, scientists, economists, and more to use as a paper resource!
  • Watch dramatizations of popular short stories for a greater understanding
  • Find videos about complex academic concepts for a greater understanding;
  • Watch archived news programs, documentaries, educational series, and more that can be used as a paper reference!
  • Find non-educational programs to watch for fun!

Examples of Films on Demand offerings:

Controversial Issues: E-books

These e-books can all be found by searching their titles in the library's catalog and following the link to access full-text. Thousands more titles are available through our  catalog and other e-book databases: