BIO110: Marine Biology

Use these links to research the Species Profile Project.

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For More Facts

Search for books and articles

The library's metasearch box above searches across 100 book, ebook, article and video databases at once.

  • Use it it add more facts to your research.
  • Want some books to borrow? See the next tab, Marine Biology Books.
  • Search for your species.
  • Click Advanced Search and add terms such as: 
    • [your species] AND territor*
    • [your species] AND food OR nutri* OR prey OR diet
    • [your species] AND courtship OR mating OR reproduc*
    • [your species] AND habitat*
    • [your species] AND lifespan
  • Limit to articles, e-books, or videos.

Search for more:

Search these individual article databases more deeply for more articles: 

Not sure how to search? See these: 

Images and Sounds Websites

Try Google Images's Advanced Search, limiting to .org or .edu or .gov sites. Add additional search terms to illustrate a specific point, such as giant kelp food web

To find sounds to add to your presentation, try the searches below: 

Also try this Google Advanced Search:
- in the "all these words" box, add the scientific name of your species.
- in the "any of these words" box, add these sound file types: wav  mp3 

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