BIO110: Marine Biology

Use these links to research the Species Profile Project.

Researching the Species Profile Project

Use the links below and on the next tab to research your species.  For help, email

Try these well-researched websites from government agencies, universities and aquariums for credible facts and images. Start with NOAA. 


Gale eBooks: 

Gale eBooks is a library database with 700 encyclopedias covering many topics, including marine biology, climate change and more.

  • Chapters offer well-researched overviews of a species, professional photographs for your presentation, and APA citations. 


For Bird Species:  

APA Citations

Make sure to add APA citations for your sources to each slide. 

  • Library databases will create APA citations for each source.  
  • The college's Center for Reading and Writing will help you proofread and edit your project.
  • Free websites will not offer citations. Use the CRW or Purdue OWL: