Web Searching

This page will help you find and evaluate free websites. See the Evaluating Information guide too!

What About Google Scholar?

Google has a search engine for specifically scholarly materials called -- big surprise -- Google Scholar.

  • It can help you locate scholarly articles, books, or abstracts and citations from these using the same search techniques you would usually use in Google searching.
  • It is essentially a large listing of articles, with some duplication.
  • Few articles are full-text in Google Scholar itself. They usually come from free journal websites.
  • Google Scholar searches with a looser "keyword" method, not subject headings.
    • It could be useful for "needle in a haystack" topics, if you tried other databases with little success.  

Here's a catch: Google Scholar will easily link you to full-text articles in the SUNY Adirondack Library's databases if you are using an on-campus computer to search. (Google Scholar uses IP address based authentication to know which databases are available to the searcher.)

  • After you do a search with an on-campus computer and review the citations, click the three-bar dropdown menu on the top left > Settings > Library Links > type in SUNY Adirondack > add check mark > Save. Your searches will include full-text results from SUNY Adirondack Library databases.
  • From the top-left menu, choose Advanced Search to narrow your search and get better results.