Web Searching

This page will help you find and evaluate free websites. See the Evaluating Information guide too!

Google's Advanced Search

Many factors influence what you see after hitting Search in Google.

  • Google and other search engines use cookies, search history, and browsing history from other websites you regularly visit to influence the order of the results you get. Library databases don't do that.

Using a search engine's Advanced Search makes you searches more precise, saving you time and effort.  

  • To compare the number of results after doing a Google Advanced Search, for instance, click "Tools."  
  • It reduces but does not eliminate how your personal browsing habits influence your search results.

Video: Using Google's Advanced Search

Google Alternatives

More than a thousand web search engines exist. None searches the entire web. Some do not track your searches; others plant trees! 

Specialty Search Engines:

More Search Engine Options:

Images for Presentations

Google's Advanced Search limiter for usage rights is not particularly accurate, so check usage rights set by the images' original creators. Doublecheck that you have rights to use photos in these sites below.