SOC101: Principles of Sociology

This guide will help students complete the current event presentation assignment.

Step 1: Choose a Current Event Article

For More Help on Conducting Research

  • The search box on the library's home page searches most but not all of our 120 databases. 
    • Do a search then limit to e-books, articles (limit to scholarly if wanted), or videos. 
    • Click Advanced Search to overlap another subject. 
    • To borrow a print book, contact a librarian ( to arrange to pick it up. 
  • Depending on your subject and research needs, you can also search individual databases below.  

Step 2: Choose a Journal Article

A. Search for the accepted sociology journals listed to the right below. 

  • Copy these journal titles to put in one search line: 
    • "Annual Review of Sociology" OR "American Sociological Review" OR "American Journal of Sociology" OR "Sociological Methodology" OR "Sociological Theory" OR "Sociology of Education" OR "Social Networks" OR "Gender & Society" OR "Journal of Marriage and Family" OR "Population and Development Review" OR "Social Forces" OR "European Sociological Review"
  • Add a subject on the second line.
  • Limit to the last 10 years.
  • For example, start with this search.
    • Click the Search Criteria to add a second or third subject.
    • This search is limited to last 10 years (2012-2023). 


B. To find more, click the JSTOR link below and follow these tips:

  1. Click Advanced Search.
  2. Enter a subject.
  3. Choose these limits: 
     - Click Articles 
    -  Limit the search to the last 10 years
    -  Under Return results for, click Sociology (145 titles) then Search. 
  4. Make sure to choose top sociology journals! See the list to the right. 


C. For more, search these databases: 

Step 3: Create a Slide Show

For assistance in making a Prezi, PowerPoint or Google Slides show, contact Educational Technology staff: visit the Help Desk, call  (518) 743-2226 or email

Recommended Sociology Journals

Look for articles from these journals when you search the databases: 

  • Annual Review of Sociology
  • American Sociological Review
  • American Journal of Sociology 
  • Sociological Methodology
  • Sociological Theory  
  • Sociology of Education  
  • Social Networks  
  • Gender & Society 
  • Journal of Marriage and Family 
  • Population and Development Review 
  • Social Forces  
  • European Sociological Review 

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