Books on Reserve

Books on Reserve

Here is the list of books on reserve at the library's reference desk for this semester.  This list is kept up to date as much as possible, but there may be slight discrepancies. 

Here's another way to check which books are on reserve:

  • Go the Start Your Research Here box on the library's home page.
  • Enter the title of a book, and 
  • Change the drop-down menu/arrow to Course Reserves, and search. 
  • Check the results to see if you find the book you need.
SUNY Adirondack Reserve Textbooks. Check out items with a Librarian. Textbooks are library use only. Two hour loan. Search here for textbooks. Scan me,

How to Use Books on Reserve

Use the Course Reserves link to search by course number, instructor, or book title.

If you do find a book that you need on this list, then simply:

  1. Go to the reference desk located upstairs and ask for the book by Course Number and Title.
  2. Present photo ID (student ID/license works just fine).
  3. You will receive the book for two hours, but it cannot leave the library.
  4. You can scan pages as wanted with your phone. 

If you have any additional questions, contact a librarian: or text 518-203-1073, or use the chat box on the library's home page.

Course Reserve items available as E-books

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