Law Research

Save time with this law guide. Useful for business law classes, too!

Searching WestLaw

Using WestLawNext to locate Commentaries in McKinney’s Laws of New York:

  • Select State materials tab > select New York
  • On the upper right hand side where it says New York (state and federal), unclick “include federal related content”
  • Search the full title and section of the statute: for example, Penal Law 140.15.
  • Your search results will include Cases, Statutes, Regulations, Secondary Sources etc.
  • Scroll down and select Statutes
  • Click on the section of the code which is hyperlinked. Commentaries generally appear after the wording of the statute.  In some instances it will refer you to a prior section. For example, See Practice Commentary at the end of Penal Law § 140.00.

Business Law Links

New York Criminal Justice reforms 2020

More Law Databases

Current and Controversial Issues

These databases offer articles from several newspapers, magazines and journals. Mouse over them for a description.

Searching for Articles

To find magazine, journal and newspaper articles, use the Start Your Research Here box on the library's home page, limiting it to Articles. 

  • The search box on the home page shallowly searches about 100 of our 120 databases, linking to 80,000+ periodicals. 
    • Limit the search to peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles if wanted. 
  • Tutorial videos are below. 


The SUNY Adirondack Library subscribes to these magazines on law and business ethics topics. You may read them in the library: 

Corrections Today
Police Chief
Bloomberg's Business Week
Wall Street Journal  
Advertising Age

Thousands more are available through the article databases listed on this page.