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Save time with this law guide. Useful for business law classes, too!

New York Criminal Justice reforms 2020


Using WestLawNext to locate Commentaries in McKinney’s Laws of New York:

  • Select State materials tab > select New York

  • On the upper right hand side where it says New York (state and federal), unclick “include federal related content”

  • Search the full title and section of the statute: for example, Penal Law 140.15.

  • Your search results will include Cases, Statutes, Regulations, Secondary Sources etc.

  • Scroll down and select Statutes

  • Click on the section of the code which is hyperlinked. Commentaries generally appear after the wording of the statute.  In some instances it will refer you to a prior section. For example, See Practice Commentary at the end of Penal Law § 140.00.

More Law Databases


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Police Chief

Bloomberg's Business Week

Wall Street Journal  
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Thousands more are available through the article databases listed on this page.

Searching for Articles

To find magazine, journal and newspaper articles, use the Start Your Research Here box on the library's home page, limiting it to Articles. 

  • The search box on the home page shallowly searches about 100 of our 120 databases, linking to 80,000+ periodicals. 
    • Limit the search to peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles if wanted. 
  • Tutorial videos are below.