For Faculty: Scheduling HRD Library Sessions

This page helps faculty prepare for an HRD110 Library Orientation session.

HRD110 Research Guide and Online Worksheet

In Fall 2020, HRD110 library sessions will be offered online, using the research guide below. 

  • Synchronously:
    • A session can be taught live with a librarian on Zoom (or Blackboard Collaborate). 
    • The session will last at least 40 minutes. (We've found that 50 to 60 minutes works best.)
      • It is done completely online, focusing on online resources. It does not include a visit to the library as in the past. 
    • Students contribute findings through chat during class.
      • Students should have a device available that will allow them to contribute chat to the class.
    • Contact instruction librarian Joyce Miller ( several months or weeks in advance to schedule a time and date for your class. 
      • Popular times fill quickly, so have at least two possible dates for synchronous classes. 
  • Asynchronously:
    • Please contact Joyce in advance for a link to a customized online worksheet for your class.
      • An online worksheet is only used for asynchronous classes. "Live" classes respond in chat or by voice.
    • Students can watch the tutorial videos on their own, and complete the worksheet by a due date. 
    • Please tell Joyce the due date. She will send you the students' worksheet answers the day after that date.  
  • At any point, students can consult a librarian for assistance with the assignment. 

The Week Before Your Scheduled HRD110 Library Session

  • At least a week before a scheduled session, tell Joyce:
    • which assignment, if any, you are using (see below), and if students have their topics; 
    • approximately how many students are in the class, and if they are mixed majors or a particular major. 
    • If an asynchronous session, Joyce will create a document online for your class to use, and provide the link in class. 
  • The Student Skills Research Assignment and Presentation is often used as an end-of-semester final presentation.
    • See the assignment in the Blackboard Freshman Seminar Repository (Content > Freshman Seminar Shared Content > Assignments> Student Support Services).
    • Decide if you'll have a final assignment, or if the library segment will be a stand-alone session.  
    • The Blackboard assignment includes suggested topics. Decide if you'll assign topics, or have students choose them.

Scheduling Non-HRD Classes

More than two-thirds of all classes visiting the library each year are subject-oriented, not HRD classes. To schedule a research session for other courses, see: