For Faculty: Scheduling HRD Library Sessions

This page helps faculty prepare for an HRD110 Library Orientation session.

Schedule classes before semester!

All library instruction sessions must be booked prior to the start of the semester -- no exceptions! 

Types of HRD110 Sessions

HRD110 library sessions can be offered:

  • at the library (brief tour of the space and the session is taught in the library instruction room, SCOV 325)
  • completely online (synchronously or asynchronously)

Read the options below.  When you schedule your class, let us know which work best for you. Schedule a session by emailing prior to the start of the semester

In-Person: Library Instruction Room


  • The week before, instruct students to meet you near the library's circulation desk before the class start time.


  • You and the class should meet the librarian near the circulation desk. 
    • Library sessions start on time at your course's usual class start time, unless you've arrange otherwise.
    • Expect to participate in the class and assist students with their research and finding books.​​ Your active participation sets the tone for the class, and gives a strong message about the importance of research. 
  • The librarian will greet you and offer a brief overview of the locations of library services and materials.
  • In the Library Instruction Room (SCO325), the librarian will demonstrate how to find books, articles and videos. 
    • Students will explore the library website using a library HRD110 Google Form that will be shared with you.
    • As a faculty member, plan to participate and model good information-finding skills. 
  • The Google Form results can be used as part of the grade for students' participation in this session. 


  • A librarian will send you an online faculty evaluation form for you to complete at the end of the week.

Online: Synchronous and Asynchronous Sessions

  • Synchronous sessions:
    • Popular times fill quickly, so have several possible dates for synchronous classes. 
    • A sessions are taught live via Zoom
    • For Zoom 
      • The instructor sends a Zoom link to the librarian and enables screen sharing.
      • Students will use a google form (worksheet) to fill out during class.
        • Students should have a laptop or phone (download Zoom app in advance). 


  • Asynchronous sessions:
    • Librarians have a specific customized online worksheet is used  for asynchronous classes. 
    • Students can watch the tutorial videos on their own, and complete the worksheet by a due date. 
      • Tell the librarian the due date. They will share the students' worksheet answers with you.  
  • At any point, students can consult a librarian for assistance with the assignment. 

HRD 110 Research Guide

Scheduling Non-HRD Classes

More than two-thirds of all classes visiting the library each year are subject-oriented, not HRD classes. To schedule a research session for other courses, see: 

Accessibility Statement