ECO201: Foreign Economy Report Project (Profs. London/Riggi/Buttino)

Use this guide to complete the ECO201 Macroeconomics Foreign Economy Report Project.

On Effects of COVID-19 on Monetary Policy

Here's a link to a ProQuest Central article database search, about the effect of the pandemic on United States monetary policy:

Monetary Policy OR Fiscal Policy
AND "united states" OR "federal reserve"
AND covid-19 OR coronavirus OR pandemic

Or, try your own search in the ProQuest Central database: 

A) Overview; B), C), D), E)

1) Start with the CIA's World Factbook for background, trade and economic information, Gini coefficient (income distribution), current issues.


2) From Michigan State University; scroll to Country for economic data.

  • Search for a country then download the "Memo" PDF.


3) This database offers country histories

4) World Bank economic data: 

B) Current Issue, H) Future

Use Advanced Search in these databases. Limit to most recent years. 

[Your country] AND

  • Coronavirus OR COVID-19
  • econom*
  • recession
  • "economic forecasting" OR "economic expansion" OR "economic growth"
  • "business cycles"
  • "government policy"
  • political
  • financial
  • inflation
  • immigra*
  • "international economic relations"
  • "foreign relations"
  • statistics​
  • war
  • Olympics
  • "World Cup"
  • "natural disaster*"

- Use quotation marks for phrases:

  • "economic forecasting" 

​- An asterisk (*) searches for all word endings: 

  • econom* = economy, economies, etc. 

Use the Start Your Research Here search box on the home page to find any missing facts.

C) Trade, H) Future

The Statista database offers statistics and reports on your country, with citations. 

  • First, just search for your country. Then, add:
    • [your country] AND econom*
    • [your country] AND GDP
  • Then go to dropdown menu Outlooks > Country Outlook > click a country > Select segment (Economy, Labor Force, etc.) > download chart or Statista Country Report.

F) GINI Coefficient

FRED offers Gini coefficients (Income Distribution)

  • Search FRED for Gini [your country]
  • Download and customize these charts:
    • Edit Graph > Add Line > Add: Gini Index for the United States. 

CIA World Factbook also has a Gini Index list, but more dated: 

I) Works Cited

Library databases will create draft APA citations for you, but make sure they're correct. 

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