ECO201: Foreign Economy Report Project (Profs. London/Riggi/Buttino)

Use this guide to complete the ECO201 Macroeconomics Foreign Economy Report Project.

On Effects of COVID-19 on Monetary Policy

Here's a link to a ProQuest Central article database search, about the effect of the pandemic on United States monetary policy:

Monetary Policy OR Fiscal Policy
AND "united states" OR "federal reserve"
AND covid-19 OR coronavirus OR pandemic

Or, try your own search in the ProQuest Central database: 

A) Overview; B), C), D), E)

1) Start with the CIA's World Factbook for background, trade and economic information, Gini coefficient (income distribution), current issues.


2) From Michigan State University; scroll to Country for economic data.

  • Search for a country then download the "Memo" PDF.


3) This database offers country histories

4) World Bank economic data: 

B) Current Issue, H) Future

Use Advanced Search in these databases. Limit to most recent years. 

[Your country] AND

  • Coronavirus OR COVID-19
  • econom*
  • recession
  • "economic forecasting" OR "economic expansion" OR "economic growth"
  • "business cycles"
  • "government policy"
  • political
  • financial
  • inflation
  • immigra*
  • "international economic relations"
  • "foreign relations"
  • statistics​
  • war
  • Olympics
  • "World Cup"
  • "natural disaster*"

- Use quotation marks for phrases:

  • "economic forecasting" 

​- An asterisk (*) searches for all word endings: 

  • econom* = economy, economies, etc. 

Use the Start Your Research Here search box on the home page to find any missing facts.

C) Trade, H) Future

Statista offers downloadable statistical charts and reports.

  • First, just search for your country.
  • Then, try:
    • [your country] AND econom*
    • [your country] and GDP
  • Outlooks > Country Outlook > click a country > Select segment (Economy, Labor Force, etc.) > download chart or Statista Country Report.

F) GINI Coefficient

FRED offers Gini coefficients (Income Distribution)

  • Search FRED for Gini [your country]
  • Download and customize these charts:
    • Edit Graph > Add Line > Add: Gini Index for the United States. 

CIA World Factbook also has a Gini Index list, but more dated: 

I) Works Cited

Library databases will create draft APA citations for you, but make sure they're correct. 

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