BIO104: Animal Behavior

Use this guide to find books about animals for BIO104 (Spring semester course).

Information About Your Author

  • First, find the information about the author in the book itself.
    • Use the clues to find more: the name of a university or research center, etc. 
    • Search for the book in the library's search box.
      • Click the link for the author and see what other publications it leads to.
      • Perhaps they wrote other scientific papers on certain specialties, and has a page on an organization's website. Follow the leads! 
      • For help, use the green chat box, email a librarian ( or see the Ask a Librarian page:
  • Then, Google the author's name to find:
    • the authors' home page, or the website of their publisher, university or organization. 
    • their Wikipedia page, but use the citation links at the bottom. They link to the original source of the information.
      • Review those sources for credibility and objectivity. 
    • To refine your search, add biography or interview or "book review" to your search.
  • Search a library database like Proquest Central for interviews and book reviews: 
  • Search
    • Look for "About the Author," which may lead to the author's or the publisher's site.
    • If you are not finding much, the author may not be well-known or have many other publications.  
  • If they are historical figures, they might be listed in Gale eBooks, an online collection of 700 encyclopedias. 

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