BIO104: Animal Behavior

Use this guide to find books about animals for BIO104 (Spring semester course).

Books About Animals

   Start Your Research Here: 

To find an ebook for this assignment: 

To find a print book for this assignment: (if available during pandemic) 

  • Search for an animal with the search box above, limiting it to Circulating Books, or
  • look through the book choices below.
    • Avoid reference books like field guides, atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries. 
  • Contact a librarian for details on how to borrow this book.

Check with Dr. Eagan to approve of your choice of book.  

Our book database will help you cite the book. Use the link below to double check your APA citation. 

Reptiles and Amphibians


Animal Behavior Books

To read additional books about animal behavior in general, try these:


Domesticated Animals

These books are in the SF (Agriculture) call number.