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Borrowing Books and Other Material at the SUNY Adirondack Library

Here's how long various items may be borrowed. Borrow materials by showing a photo ID at the circulation desk. 


  • Books: 16 weeks
  • Music CDs, audiobooks: 2 weeks
  • CD-ROMs, videotapes, DVDs, print periodicals: Library use only

Faculty and Staff:

  • Books: 16 weeks
  • Videos/DVDs, print periodicals, music CDs, CD-ROMS, audiobooks: 2 weeks

Community Members:

  • Books: 30 days 
  • Music CDs, audiobooks: 2 weeks
  • Videos/DVDs, CD-ROMS, print periodicals: Library use only 

More information for library user categories is linked on tabs on the library's home page.

Borrowing Periods for Interlibrary Loans

Students, faculty and staff can borrow books from other libraries through a service called interlibrary loan (ILL).

The loan period for an ILL book is determined by the lending library, not by SUNY Adirondack. The loan period is usually three to four weeks.