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Botany and Food Books

This page lists SUNY Adirondack Library books that you can borrow, covering food and agriculture topics. Some electronic books are included.

United Nations Book

Botany Books

Botany Reference Books

Botany Reference Books

Reference books cannot be borrowed, but are always in the library to use.

The tree identification book: a new method for the practical identification and recognition of trees (by George Symonds)
REF. QK 482 .S9 2003 (also a Circulating copy)

Encyclopedia of Edible Plants of North America
REF. QK 98.5 .N57 C68 1998

Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants
REF. QK 99 .A1 .R2813 2005

A Modern Herbal (medicinal, culinary, folk-lore of plants, more)
REF. QK 99 .A1 G74 1982

Flora of North America (2 volumes)
REF. QK 110 .F55 1993

Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide
REF. QK 118 .N42 (also: circulating copy)

The library also owns many circulating books on these topics: ornamental and garden plants, plant breeding, trees and shrubs, perennials, pests and diseases, and more. Use the search box on the library's home page for more.

Tree & Plant Identification Books

Vegetable Diseases Electronic Book

The SUNY Adirondack Library subscribes to the electronic British edition of this book. Click the link below and log in with your college username/password to read and print pages. (For more about ProQuest Ebook Central, see box on this page. To download it to a device, just create an  account with the ProQuest Ebook Central service first.)

To Search for Books

Subject headings like these work well to find books in the SUNY Adirondack Library.

Medicinal plants
Wild flowers
​Materia medica
​Herbs Therapeutic use
Natural products

Farms, Small
Self-reliant living
Woody plants

Aquatic plants
Plant ecology
Biological diversity
Freshwater algae
Endangered plants
Water pollution
Transgenic plants
Plant genetic engineering

- Use “and” to combine two subjects, such as: trees and New York.
- Use truncation to find various “wildcard” endings: herb* will retrieve herb, herbs, herbal, etc.
- Make sure to also see the Gardening research guide!   

• Plant identification guides: The library owns many field guides: eastern U.S. trees, wild flowers, weeds of the Northeast, seeds, ferns, grasses, mushrooms and more. Search for terms such as “wild flowers” (note: it’s two words, not one!) , or a more precise search with truncation, such as “Wild flowers and identif* ”.

More Agriculture Books

Bee Books and Apiary Information

More Gardening Books

Here are some recently purchased books about plants and gardening:

Gardening & Farming

Locavore Books

To find books about locavores, search with these phrases to find books:

Local foods
Food supply Seasonal variations
Food supply United States
Farmers’ markets
Food Environmental aspects United States
Urban agriculture United States
Sustainable farming United States

Sustainable Food Books

Sustainable Agriculture

Fruits of Warm Climates

Julia Morton's 1987 book Fruits of Warm Climates has chapters on pineapples, bananas, figs and much more. Purdue University offers it free online:

Books about Apples

More Agriculture Books

New Books

More Recent Books

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