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ENG218: Women in Literature: Home

Get Familiar With the Greats

The Gale Virtual Reference Center database will quickly familiarize yourself with key figures and concepts in literature and literary theory. You can search for specific figures by name or work, or:

  • Go to Gale Virtual Reference Center; log in if prompted.
  • Search feminis*  and choose search term type Keyword from the dropdown menu.
  • In a new line type "literary criticism", and choose Subject from the dropdown menu.
  • On the right hand side of the results page, choose Document Type: Biography

In this course you will  be reading and hearing about many prominent feminists. These women often gave interviews or participated in documentaries. If you would like to watch and hear these women speak on feminism, womanism, and writing, search for those terms and their names in our video database, Films On Demand.

Searching for Feminist Texts in Our Library

Use the Start Your Research Here box on the library's home page to find books that incorporate feminist ideas or philosophy, discuss feminists or feminism, or can be considered feminist texts in the case of fiction:

For non-fiction (Literary criticism, guides and manuals, biographies, histories, case studies, essays, philosophy etc.)

  • Search for feminis* AND nonfiction
  • Switch All Resources to either Print or Ebooks. 

For fiction (fairy tales, folk tales, novels, stories, etc.)

  • Search for feminis* AND fiction
  • Switch All Resources to either Print or Ebooks.