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Start Your Research Here

   Start Your Research Here: 

1) Search for Literary Criticism, Nonfiction, Poetry, Fiction

To find literary criticism of poetry or fiction, use the "Start Your Research Here" search box above.
  • It does a broad, shallow search across 100 library databases: 30,000 books, 200,000 ebooks, millions of articles, and thousands of videos.  
  • Use Advanced Search to overlap ideas with AND. See examples below.
  • Limit results to E-books, Print Books, Articles or Videos as needed

For Books: 

  • For non-fiction (Literary criticism, guides and manuals, biographies, histories, case studies, essays, philosophy etc.)

    • Search for feminis* AND nonfiction
    • Limit to Print Books or Ebooks. 
  • For fiction (fairy tales, folk tales, novels, stories, etc.)

    • Search for feminis* AND fiction
    • Limit to Print Books or Ebooks.  

2) Search for Articles in Specific Databases

Fill in gaps with a subject specific databases

1) Gale Literature Resource Center and other Ebooks

  • Filter the results for summaries and criticism; adjust search fields as needed. 
  • Click Peer-Reviewed Journals to limit to scholarly articles.
  • Click Advanced Search to add a second topic,
    • or, type AND (in all capital letters) with a subject. (AND acts as a software command to tell the database to overlap topics.)
Try a Multidisciplinary Database that overs all topics.

2) ProQuest Central Article Database

ProQuest Central offers millions of articles from 2,200 newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals.

  • Limit results to Peer-reviewed or Scholarly Journals. 


You may want to try this non-profit database also. It covers literature topics well.

3) Search More Article Databases

These article databases will help you find more literary criticism about your author: 

Videos of Feminist Writers

To watch and hear many prominent feminist writers, search for their names in our video databases: 

Research Help

Database search tips: Boolean, Truncation, and Phrase searching

Email or use the library's website chat box to ask librarians for research assistance. You can also request a Zoom or in-person research appointment.

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