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Accessing Kanopy Videos Off-Campus

Accessing Kanopy Videos Off-Campus

Method 1:

Navigate to this site:

  • If you are on-campus you will have direct access to the videos.
  • If you are off-campus, you will need to take a few extra steps to access these videos.
  • 1st Click on the red button that says Login to SUNY Adirondack

*The black & white login button at the top of the screen is for creating a personal account, which is not necessary

Screenshot 1 login to SUNYACC

Click Log in to SUNYACC again

Screenshot 2 Access Kanopy through your university

Next, login with your network ID & password

Screenshot 3 SUNY Adirondack ezproxy login

You will now have access to SUNY Adirondack’s videos on Kanopy

Screenshot 4 SUNY Adirondack Kanopy homepage

Method 2

Navigate to

Click on the orange “Get Started” button

Screenshot 1 Kanopy homepage

Click “Find Your University”

Screenshot 2 Find your University

Start typing in “SUNY Adirondack” and select when prompted

Screenshot 3 Find your university search

Click “Skip”

Screenshot 4 create your account skip

Login with your SUNY Adirondack network ID and password

You are now on the SUNY Adirondack Kanopy home screen, and you can start watching films

Screenshot 6 SUNY Adirondack Kanopy homepage


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