Substance Abuse Services

Use this guide for research for the Criminal Justice Substance Abuse Services program.

New Books

Finding Books

Find books with the search box on the library's home page, limiting the search to books. To find books on relevant topics, use some of the search terms below. You can also search for specific drugs by name. 

Drugs and the law 

  • War on Drugs 
  • Narcotics laws 
  • Drug control OR Drug and narcotic control 
  • Narcotics and crime 


  • Substance abuse treatment OR Drug abuse treatment 
  • Drug rehabilitation OR Substance abuse rehabilitation


  • Drug abuse prevention 

Substance abuse 

  • Substance abuse OR Drug abuse OR Drug use 
  • Addiction OR Drug Addiction 
  • Prescription drug abuse OR Medication abuse 
  • Opioid abuse 
  • Substance-related disorders 
  • Chemical dependency 

Substance abusers 

  • Addicts OR Drug addicts 
  • Alcoholics  
  • Recovering addicts 

The books you need may be in different areas of the library. 

  • Books whose call numbers begin with BF are about psychology. 
  • Books whose call numbers begin with HV are about social issues, including substance abuse, criminology, and criminal justice administration. 
  • Books whose call numbers begin with K are about legal issues and the law. 
  • Books whose call numbers begin with RC are about internal medicine. 
  • Books whose call numbers begin with RM are about pharmacology, which studies drugs and medications, and therapy and treatment.