This is a guide to reference books, articles, websites and more on psychology.

Research Overview

The SUNY Adirondack Library has many resources for research and learning.

Books: Circulating books can be checked out and reference books can be used in the library. Books on Psychology are shelved under BF using the Library of Congress system. 

Online Resources: The library has online resources--e-books, articles in databases, and videos via Films on Demand--that you can access in the library or anywhere off-campus via internet using your student username and password.

Magazines and Journals: There are physical copies of periodicals (magazines and journals) such as Psychology Today and Scientific American Mind for you to look through here in the library. 


To search for all library materials with SUNY Adirondack Library's online catalog, use the Start Your Research Here search box on our main page

There's a whole research guide here to get you going, and other library tutorials and handouts here.

Keyword Searches:  Keyword searching is quick and easy--anyone who has ever used a Web search engine is familiar with it. However, the more specific you can be the better. There are search tools to then help you narrow down your focus. 

Subject Heading Searches: Library of Congress Subject Headings look complicated but they can give you more focused results once you get used to them. You may not know what you need at the beginning of your search. Below are some examples of LOC Subject Headings you may run into while researching Psychology. If you can't figure out what you need, find at least one source that is one target then look at the catalog entry and see what subject headings are listed there. Clicking on those subject links will bring up more results with that heading. Examples:

Psychology -- Methods                               Psychology -- History                         Emotions -- Physiological aspects
Depression -- Mental                                 Anxiety -- Treatment                         
Post-traumatic stress disorder -- Treatment
Mental Disorders -- Nursing
                       Motivation (Psychology)                    Psychology -- Vocational guidance 

Search tips: 

  • To find books using subjects that can have variant endings, use truncation, or wildcard endings. This technique looks for any ending of a word after an asterisk. Not sure if a book is listed by the terms "motivate" or "motivation"? Type in "Motivat*" to retrieve books listing either. Example: Motivat* and Psycholog*

  • You may also search for names (Freud) and other specific topics. Consult a reference librarian if you are not finding what you need.