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Library Book Cart Art: Book carts turned into elemental art!

Showcases the work that student members of the Art Club did to transform 4 of our book carts into works of Art!

Project History

In the Fall 2023 semester the Library asked the Art Club if they could give some of our book carts a bit of a face-lift. Student members of the Art Club decided to use the theme, The Elements  as a source of inspiration for this project. 

 On December 5, 2023 the Library hosted an exhibition where Art Club members presented the book carts with their new elemental designs: Air, EarthFire and Water.  Light refreshments were served, and some of the artists who worked on the project were available to explain the project's elemental theme, and answer any questions about the work they did to transform these book carts into works of art!

When not in-use, these carts will be displayed on the upper level floor of the Library. Please stop by to view these book carts in this setting where they can truly be appreciated as works of art!

Click the arrows to view the elemental book carts & learn about their designs

air book cart


Our piece pursues an interesting contrast in artistic expression. On one side, there is intensity and vivid drama from the serpentine dragon created by Jonathan. Its coiling's and fluid shapes provide visual dynamism. On the other more peaceful side, Julia and Tim generate winding, cloud-strewn environments with an airy, relaxed aesthetic. The clouds and gusts they envision create a hushed, meditative foil. Together, the serpentine intensity of Jonathan's dragon is placed in dialogue with the calmer, subtler environments crafted by Julia and Tim. The polarization of the intense dragon on one side and the wind-blown clouds on the other provides compelling artistic tension. In sum, we juxtapose Jonathan's vivid serpent against Julia and Tim's peaceful, enveloping clouds and atmospherics to provide the audience two polarization experiences within one installation.

earth cart


Earth encompasses stunning diversity, almost as if alluding to the other elements sporadically found across its varied terrain. The wealth of wildlife Julia crafted hints that this habitat teems with tons of species, from trees to minute insects. Her scenes brim with ecological richness and interwoven relationships, topped with a playful whimsy vibe. Meanwhile, Jamie envisioned the centerpiece - a monumental crimson sun hovering at the peak overhead, casting its incandescent glow over the landscapes below. Powerful yet comforting warmth radiates through each beam. Tim diligently attended to embellishing finer aspects throughout these environments, elevating the realism through prudent details that reward closer inspection. Together these artists coated Earth with resplendent and nuanced depictions of the natural realm, with Julia’s delightful wildlife narratives captivating the gaze before becoming inevitably drawn upwards to marvel at Jamie’s magnificent sun presiding brilliantly overall.

fire cart


The Fire installation combusts with contrasting interpretations of its unruly, mesmerizing namesake. On one end, Cole conjures a vision of raw flame itself - untamed, radiant swirls shifting hues. Meanwhile, Julia offers a more grounded take, carefully constructing the intimate scene of a campfire. Julia’s brushwork evokes the beckoning warmth and community that congregates around hearth fires. Where Cole expresses sublime danger, Julia reveals elemental comfort. The center then erupts with Pollock-esque fury as extreme abstraction meets Fire's frenetic energy. Tim saturated this middle section with inky blacks and bloody reds, drinking deeper from fire’s primal vigor. Together these distinct artistic voices commingle and collide, kindling the full spectrum - from fire’s ravishing fury to its homely hearth.

water cart


From radiant schools of fish gliding through sun-kissed tides, to mysterious and deep underwater seabed's. Ella and Jonathan lent eloquent movements to the oceans’ many inhabitants amidst the ever-churning tides and currents. An additional artist painted the opposite end to harmonize the deep watery visuals into an integrated habitat pulsing with aquatic energy. From shallow pools to fathomless depths, vibrant marine life awaits discovery across this flowing expanse!

Artist Credits

Jonathan Pires : Air, Water, Fire, Earth

Timothy Livingston : Air, Fire, Earth

Cole Galvin : Fire

Jamie Sabbatis : Earth

Julia Reneau : Air, Earth, Fire

Ella Ciancio: Water

Pablo Palacios : Water

Exhibition Photos

The Elements Exhibition

The Elements Exhibition

Art Club Members pictured (from left to right): Timothy Livingston, Jonathan Pires, Julia Reneau and Cole Galvin




Art Club Members pictured (from left to right): Jonathan Pires, Julia Reneau and Cole Galvin

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