LIB187: Library Research Methods (Online)

Details about the library's LIB187 one-credit course.

Library Research Methods Course

The SUNY Adirondack Library faculty offers LIB187, a one-credit course on doing college-level research, online during some spring semesters. 

Course description:
LIB187: Library Research Methods Lecture
: 1 hr. Credit: 1 hrs. - An introduction to the library research process including techniques necessary for the successful completion of many college courses. Covers topic analysis, controlled vocabularies, the search process and the organization and evaluation of information. A variety of print, electronic, and Internet information resources will be explored. 

To sign up: 

  • Go to the college's Course Search page. 
  • Choose a semester, then "Learning Resources" on the Subject drop-down menu, course number 187.
  • This course uses a completely free online textbook

What Do Students Say About LIB187?

  • "I wish I took this semesters ago!"
  • "This saves me so much time. Now I know what I'm doing when I research!"
  • "I'll use these skills for the rest of my life."
  • "It was the perfect one-credit course to fill out my schedule."
  • "It was a lot more interesting and fun than I thought it would be!"

Is Online Learning Right For You?

Here's what to expect with an online course:

LIB187 Textbook (from Open SUNY; no cost)

Why Take LIB187?

Would you like to save time on your research needs?  Come up with top quality specific information sites without wading through garbage? Stand above the crowd with results that came through much less stress and effort?  Plus earn a credit while you learn to do all this? Then LIB187 online is for you! 

If you are among the many that feel like they walked into a whole new world of information access coming back to college and aren't sure just where to begin, begin here. This online course is designed to meet you right where you are, wherever that is.

Learn more with the link below. Select the upcoming semester, choose the subject Learning Resources, then click Class Search

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