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HIS 101/102/104 (Dr. Sullivan): Assignment Resources

The Assignment

The four main objectives of this assignment:

1) understanding how to use a library database to search for peer-reviewed sources from reputable journals

  • JSTOR search tips: 
    • Choose Advanced Search > type in topic (use quotes if a phrase) > choose Articles; years 2001-2021; Return Results for History.
    • If you Modify the search, re-choose History journals. 

2) recognizing the significance of reputable fact-based analysis in a peer reviewed article as an important source of information 

3) Consider how the field of history creates knowledge in the first place, the same knowledge that ultimately ends up in our classes, and shapes the way we think about contemporary society

4) Be able to read and understand complicated arguments in a relatively short period of time so that you can help others understand what you have learned.

Accessibility Statement