ENG109: Creative Writing

Here's a time-saving list of the best resources for your class!

Start Your Research Here

   Start Your Research Here: 

1) Finding Background Information

For a quick overview of your topic, use these databases. 

  • Download these well-researched, fact-checked book chapters, statistical tables and more.

2) Finding More Books, Articles, Videos

  • Use the box above and enter a topic in the "Start Your Research Here" box, such as:
    • a subject you're writing about: a place, thing, emotion, etc.: "gun control", "alternative medicine", "bystander effect"
    • or, find books about writing with this search: authorship OR "creative writ*"
  • The box does a broad, shallow search across 100 library databases, finding books, e-books, articles and videos.
    • Limit your search to Print Book, E-books, Articles, or Videos if wanted.

3) Filling in the Gaps with more Articles

If you need updated information on a current topic, try these article database, which includes millions of articles from magazines, journals and major newspapers: