Theater & Film

Use this guide to research theater and film topics.

Ancient Greek Dramatists

Sophocles: PlaysCriticism, and Performances

Euripides: PlaysCriticism, and Performances

Aeschylus: PlaysCriticism, and Performances

Aristophanes: PlaysCriticism, and Performances

Aristotle's Poetics is the earliest surviving philosophical work on drama and the theater. You can find a print copy in the library at the call number PN1040 .A513 2018


Shakespeare's plays are in the library under the call numbers PR2750-PR3112. 

European Dramatists 1500-1800

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust and Criticism 

Ben Jonson: Works and Criticism 

Christopher Marlowe: Works and Criticism 

Moliere: Works and Criticism 

Jean Racine: Works and Criticism

Nineteenth Century Western Dramatists

Anton Chekhov: Works and Criticism

Nikolai Gogol: Works and Criticism

Victor Hugo: Works and Criticism

Henrik Ibsen: Works and Criticism

August Strindberg: Works and Criticism 

Oscar Wilde: Works and Criticism

Twentieth Century Dramatists


Edward Albee: Works and Criticism 

Noël Coward: Works and Criticism 

Lillian Hellman: Works and Criticism 

Lorraine Hansberry: Works and Criticism 

David Mamet: Works and Criticism 

Arthur Miller: Works and Criticism 

Eugene O'Neill: Works and Criticism 

Sam Shepard: Works and Criticism 

Neil Simon: Works and Criticism 

Tom Stoppard: Works and Criticism 

Thornton Wilder: Works and Criticism 

Tennessee Williams: Works and Criticism 

August Wilson: Works and Criticism


Jean Anouilh: Works and Criticism (French) 

Samuel Beckett: Works and Criticism (Irish)

Bertolt Brecht: Works and Criticism (German) 

Albert Camus: Works and Criticism (French) 

Eugène Ionesco: Works and Criticism (Romanian) 

Federico García Lorca: Works and Criticism (Spanish) 

Harold Pinter: Works and Criticism (Irish)

George Bernard Shaw: Works and Criticism (Irish)