HED103: College Health

Use this guide for the slide show assignment on a health issue.

Researching Diseases and Conditions

The links below lead to reputable health agencies and library databases. Use them to find statistics and basic information about the disease or condition you're researching. For help, use the green chat box on this page or email librarian@sunyacc.edu.

1) Information on Diseases and Conditions

Books on Diseases

3) Library Databases

Find detailed articles, books and videos about various conditions and diseases by using the Start Your Research Here box.

To find articles with current treatments, research and more about the disease you're researching, search these specialized library databases:

Also try these article databases:

4) Videos on Diseases

These library databases offer fact-checked documentary videos with transcripts. They can be useful to learn more about the disease you're researching. Just log in when prompted. They will help you write an APA citation.  

These are free but valid video sites. They will not offer you a citation.

Images for Presentations

Google's Advanced Search limiter for usage rights is not particularly accurate, so check usage rights set by the images' original creators. Doublecheck that you have rights to use photos in these sites below. 

Search Engines for Privacy

Some web search engines are better than others in protecting your privacy, not storing your search history or personal data and avoiding third-party ads. Try these two if you're looking for additional information and images about diseases and conditions. 

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