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Phi Theta Kappa: Honors in Action Project

Information for SUNY Adirondack students about the National Honor Society. Phi Theta Kappa

The Power of Play

The PTK Upsilon Beta Chapter will be focusing on Theme 6: Nostalgia as Play

Notes from April 2022:

  • Theme 6: Forget about technology

    • Finding the appropriate amount of screen time or real world versus VR

    • Video game addiction - Where does it start?  How much is too much? When does it cross the line of being fun to being a problem?

    • Dedicated study spaces: Giving students a place where they can hang out because right now students are hanging out in some really odd areas

Keep track of HIA Research

2) Suggested Databases

These reference databases offer overviews various issues, and offers ideas to narrow your topic. 

  • Log in with your college username/password if prompted.
  • These offer e-book chapters, popular (newspaper, magazines) and scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles, and other resources.

The ProQuest Central database searches millions of articles from newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. Use it to fill in gaps in your research.

  • It includes well-respected newspapers like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many more. 
  • Click "Peer reviewed" to limit the search to scholarly articles.

Nostalgia Survey

Library Database Searching

Library Database search Tips 1) Advanced Search AND overlaps subjects Called Boolean logic  George Boole (1815–1864) (image shows two overlapping circles) sleep AND learning  2) truncation Looks for all word endings Star is wildcard symbol  asterisk (*) - shift/8  psych* finds psychology  psychological  psychologist etc.  3) Phrase search Search two or more words together Makes search more precise Use quotation marks "community college" "New York" "United States"

Citations Help

Search Terms to Try

"Screen time"

"Video gam*" (searches video game, video games, video gaming)

"Electronic gam*" (searches electronic game, electronic games, electronic gaming)


Smartphone* (searches smartphone, smartphones)

"Computer use"

"Internet use"

"Electronics use"

"Technology addiction"

"Virtual worlds"

"Virtual reality"



Used the advanced search to narrow down your results:

AND "stress management"

AND play

AND creativity 

AND addict* (searches addict, addicts, addicted, addiction)

AND "mental health"

AND teen* (searches teen, teens, teenager, teenagers)

AND learning

AND wellbeing

AND "health aspects"

AND "social aspects"

AND "psychology"

AND "psychological aspects"