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Librarian & Library Staff Biographies: Danielle Thomas, Research Services Librarian

Danielle Thomas, Research Services Librarian

Research Services Librarian (as of Sept 2021). 

Master of Science in Information and Library Science, University at Albany.

 Danielle Thomas


In the fall of 2015, I applied to be a student worker in the SUNY Adirondack Library. When I became a student worker, I knew this was the place I wanted to start a career. Once I graduated from SUNY Adirondack in 2017, I was hired as a part-time Library Specialist. While working part-time, I also attended the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus at SUNY Adirondack. I received my bachelor's in 2019, and became a full-time Library Services Assistant. While working full-time, I decided to continue my education and pursue getting my master's degree. I worked full-time and went to school full-time during the pandemic. I just received my Master's in Information and Library Science in August 2021, then was recently hired as the Research Services Librarian. 

Outside of the library, I spend a lot of my time with my fiance Kyle and our Australian Shepherd named Finn. Kyle and I are getting married in October of 2022. When we aren't busy with wedding planning, we spend time outdoors and go explore hiking trails in the area. Finn also keeps us VERY busy! We hope to get another Australian Shepherd in the near future. 

 Danielle, Kyle and Finn

Rocky Mountain National Park/ Garden of the Gods

mountains, Rocky Mountain, National Park   Garden of the Gods, Colorado


In 2017, I visited Rocky Mountain National Park and Garden of the Gods in Colorado. This was my first time going to Colorado! We went for a weekend trip for my sister's wedding. Rocky Mountain National Park was the first National Park I have ever been to. This is what sparked my interest in National Parks! 

Glacier National Park

 I am a National Park Geek. One of my goals in life is to travel to as many National Parks as I can. My favorite one so far is Glacier National Park in Montana. Below, is a photo of Kyle and I at Glacier National Park in 2018. The view was extremely limited due to smoke from wildfires in California. 

 Kyle and Danielle, Glacier National Park, Montana, National Park

Book Recommendations

About Finn !

Finn, Australian Shepherd   Finn, Australian Shepherd


Above are two photos of Finn! He is a standard size Australian Shepherd and is a little over a year old now. 

Just like many other Australian Shepherds, (Aussies for short), Finn has a docked tail. Aussies are bred to be herding dogs. Although they are called Australian Shepherds, they actually originate from America. They have an impulse to herd just about anything (birds, squirrels, small children, cattle, etc.). Aussies are not meant for novice owners! They have a strong work drive and if those needs are not met- then you may have a destructive Aussie! But don't let that information scare you away. They are highly intelligent and easily trainable dogs. They make great companions for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Aussies are also very loyal to their owners. True to their herding instincts, they are very protective of their families- but not aggressive. They are just very vocal (and sassy)! Finn is considered to be a Black Tri Aussie. A black tri Australian Shepherd is one of the most common color patterns. They make a great pet for anyone with an active lifestyle.