HIS102: Western Civilization

Use this guide to start your research for the podcast project.

1) Find Overviews of Subject

a) Start your search with this encyclopedia database for a big picture of your subject:

b) Then, use the Start Your Research Here box on the library's home page to find books, ebooks, articles and videos.

2) Find More Details

a) Use the "Start Your Research Here" box for articles from newspapers, magazines and journals. 

b) Search each of the databases to find additional in-depth and well-researched articles:

Getting Started on Your Research

  • The search box on the library's home page searches most but not all of our 120 databases. 
    • Do a search then limit to e-books, articles (limit to scholarly if wanted), or videos. 
    • Click Advanced Search to overlap another subject. 
    • To borrow a print book, contact a librarian (librarian@sunyacc.edu) to arrange to pick it up. 
  • Depending on your subject and research needs, you can also search individual databases below.  

Finding Articles Help

Search Words to Try

Here are some search terms that will work well to look for books, e-books and articles: 

Cause Celebre:

Jean Calas
Jean Calas and protestant*
Calas and Voltaire
Enlightenment and France

"Regina v dudley and stephens"
"R v dudley"

Dreyfus, Alfred, 1859-1935​
Captain Alfred Dreyfus
Captain Alfred Dreyfus and France
Captain Alfred Dreyfus and Trial*
Emile Zola and Alfred Dreyfus
Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy and Alfred Dreyfus

William Bayliss
William Bayliss and vivisection
Bayliss v Coleridge
Battersea and "brown dog"

Adolf Eichmann
Hannah Arendt
Adolf Eichmann and "Final Solution 

Richard John Bingham
Richard John Bingham and murder
"Lord Lucan"
"Lady Lucan"

History of an Empire:

Roberto Cofresi
"El Pirata Cofreso"
"Latin American Wars of Independence"

Olaudah Equiano
Olaudah Equiano and abolition*
Olaudah Equiano and religion

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte and Egypt
French occupation of Egypt

Robert Baden Powell
Robert Baden Powell and scout*
"Scouting for boys"
Boy scout* and "British Empire"

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi and Salt
"Salt March"

Apartheid and Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela and
   ​prison or incarceration or jail

Books to Borrow

Websites of Interest

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