GEO103: Earth's Climate

Use this to research scientific principals in articles about climate change.

Find an Article to Critique

Search a library database: 

  • Search individual article databases below, or use the search box on the library's home page.
    • Library databases will help you create a citation. 
  • Search for specific ideas. See examples on left. 

Or, search these websites:

Or, try these: 

  • Flip through magazines and newspapers in the library.
  • Google "global warming" or "climate change" and limit to .com or .org sites. 

Searches to Try

"Climat* change*" or "global warming" AND...

tropospher* AND cool*
"human migration"
"rising temperatures"
"extreme weather"
"ice caps"
"sea level*"
human impact OR anthropogenic
"tropical storms" AND "wind speed"
ENSO OR "El Nino"

(Note: the Library of Congress term for climate change is "climatic changes".)

You can also add words like:

deny OR denial*

For opinions, try:  

  • "climat* change*" or "global warm*"
    AND editorial or opinion or viewpoint*