Birds of New York State

Have bird questions? Start here! This information focuses on the Albany and Southern Adirondack areas of New York State.

Start here: All About Birds

For identification tips, photos, songs, range maps, equipment, much more, start with All About Birds, from Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, N.Y. See “Gear Guide” link for information on buying binoculars. Their Frequently Asked Questions page is fascinating.

Tips for Beginning Birders

General Birding Websites


The right binoculars are essential for birding. These links offer good advice on buying binoculars:

Birdcams: Live!

Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and other organizations offer webcams of birds on their nests. You can also Google terms like "osprey cam," "peregrine cam" or "owl cam."

Bird Migration

Birding Sites for This Region

Also see the tab above with local birding organizations.

Bird Checklists

A checklist of bird species for an area is helpful to record what you've seen. Here are a couple of sites to know about:

Audubon Climate Change Report

Cats Outdoors

Domestic cats kill millions of native birds each year. Here's a brochure from the American Bird Conservancy. 

Adirondack Loons

Find an Injured or Baby Bird?

More Bird Information

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